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The Paraton@ir® Early Streamer Emitter Lightning Rods

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Years of experience and numerous tests in laboratories and in real lightning conditions were necessary to develop this Early Streamer Emitter lightning rod.
An aluminum alloy and patented polymer materials make up the bulk of our lightning rod. Without a fragile priming system, we have designed the most reliable and durable product on the market.
Called Early Streamer Emitter Lightning Rod Paraton@ir®, in reference to the French language and its communication capabilities, our product is manufactured with the greatest care in our workshops in France.

We have 4 models of Paraton@ir which differ according to their distances/triggering advances: the Paraton@ir 10, the Paraton@ir 25, the Paraton@ir 45 and Paraton@ir 60. The Paraton@ir the most suitable for your site will be selected by our design office after studying your project.

∆T = 10 µs

Radius of protection in meters (m):

∆T = 25 µs

Radius of protection in meters (m):

∆T = 45 µs

Radius of protection in meters (m):

∆T = 60 µs

Radius of protection in meters (m):

Protection rays:

The protection radius of a Lightning Rod with Initiation Device is linked to its height (h) in relation to the surface to be protected, to its effectiveness and to the level of protection selected. According to the NFC 17102:2011 standard, it is calculated as follows:

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The functioning

1. Paraton@ir® is charging :

The element called “charger” is designed to accumulate natural ions in the “Central Inductive System” (patented). This accumulation occurs as quickly and in the same proportions as the rise in power of the ambient electric field generated by an ascending tracer.

2. Paraton@ir® creates an electric field of considerable magnitude:

At the same time, thanks to the “Central Inductive System” and the “Booster”, the lightning rod with ignition device Paraton@ir®creates a gigantic electric field with a charge opposite to that of the natural electric field present and stimulates the “Capture Head”. Depending on their number, the “triggering poles” increase the effectiveness of priming tenfold.

3. Collection and conduction by the Early Streamer Emitter lightning rod Paraton@ir® :

The triggering of the Paraton@ir® system attracts the descending tracer and creates the conditions of the “lightning strike”. The capture tip then guides the lightning current through its axis towards the grounding conductors.

Paraton@ir®: Lightning rod with connected initiation device

Lightning protection must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure that it is working properly.

We have developed an innovative solution for remote reporting of lightning events and protection status. This solution is named: Contact@ir® System.

Compatible with lightning rod systems, surge arrester systems, grounding, already in place or new, from our brand or from competing manufacturers.

An emitter Contact@ir® communicates the data of your lightning protection installation.

You can connect a transmitter Contact@ir® on each Paraton@ir product, as well as on all other products in the range Contact@ir® Ready Compt@ir, Alert@ir XT, Alert@ir DC…).

The transmitter Contact@ir® then continuously communicates the operating status of the product Contact@ir® Ready as well as its communication reliability. Communication is ensured by radio link, without any physical link.

This system transmits a real-time alert when a lightning strike is detected by the product Contact@ir® Ready. This alert contains the power level of the sudden lightning strike. A verification and maintenance intervention must be planned according to the importance of the lightning strike.

With our system, you can remotely make a first diagnosis. Thus, the movement of the maintenance service will be optimized, you will avoid unnecessary costs and your lightning protection installation will be kept in good working order.

Efficient, reliable and practical, the system Contact@ir® facilitates the control and maintenance of your lightning protection system.

System Contact@ir® promotes the prevention of risks linked to lightning.

System Contact@ir® used with receiver Dongl@ir® allows you to verify the proper functioning of your product while you are on site.

Data reception

Data transmission is done by radio waves, without any physical link between the transmitter Contact@ir® and the receiver Dongl@ir®.

In this way Dongl@ir® simplifies and secures the diagnosis of a product that is often difficult to access, the operator no longer having to put himself in a dangerous situation to reach it.

Dongl@ir® is a means of punctual diagnosis. It is used close to the product (80 m maximum).

In a few seconds, your product is identified and the result of its diagnosis appears on your screen. You then know immediately whether intervention on your installation is necessary or not.

System Contact@ir® used with receiver Rout@ir® allows you to check the proper functioning of your product in real time and without having to travel.

Data reception

If one of your products is struck by lightning, you receive an alert immediately.

Your products equipped with a transmitter Contact@ir® communicate constantly by radio waves with your Rout@ir® located nearby.

The data collected by Rout@ir® are continuously transmitted to the server on which they are recorded and dated without intervention on your part.

The multiplicity of networks usable by Rout@ir® for the transmission of this data makes its use possible even in the most isolated places. The data can be viewed in real time and remotely from any device connected to the Internet.

Use our “Plug & Play” solution on our range Contact@ir® Ready and monitor your lightning protection installations in real time.

The Contact@ir MD transmitter® uses the local mobile network to send critical information about your products.

This information contributes to the preventive maintenance of your installations without any necessary travel on your part.

Data reception is done in the LPS Manager application (www.lpsmanager.io), downloadable to your smartphone or tablet from Google Playshop or Apple Store.

Test@ir® is our wired diagnostic tool for the entire range Contact@ir Ready (Paraton@ir®, Compt@ir®, Alert@ir® XT, Alert@ir® DC, Alert@ir® TS). The test carried out verifies the proper functioning of the product tested.


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