• Ref. 50003/ECAB
  • Radio receiver
  • Works in combination with 1 or more Contact@ir transmitters
  • Allows you to check the operating status of the product
  • Real-time lightning alert
  • Lightning strike intensity level
  • Data History
  • Installation near the product (300 m Max.)
  • Compatible with products in the range Contact@ir® Ready
  • Dimensions: 300x220x35 mm
  • Weight: 0,310kg


Compliance with NFC 17-102:2011 and IEC 62305 standards and equivalent country standards

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System Contact@ir®used with the Rout@ir®transmits a real-time alert when a lightning strike strikes the protection installation. Rout@ir® is considered as a counting element.

It is compatible with the products in the range Contact@ir® Ready (Paraton@ir, Compt@ir, Alert@ir XT, Alert@ir DC, Alert@ir TS…)

The NFC 17-102 standard requires a verification of your lightning protection installation each time the protected structure is hit by lightning (art. 8.2).

This provision aims at ensuring the effectiveness of your protection installation without interruption. This is why the simple fact of receiving a lightning alert should lead you to check the integrity and proper functioning of your product. All data is logged and can be consulted either locally or, if connected to the internet, from the app LPS Manager®

Rout@ir® also allows you to know the intensity level of the lightning strike captured by your product on a scale of 1 to 3.

This functionality, like the entire système Contact@ir®, is an exclusive LPS France. The intensity of the lightning strike captured by your product and the result of its diagnosis help determine whether a visual, normal or complete verification of the installation is necessary (see standards NFC 17-102, art. 8.2 to 8.6), as well as the degree of urgency of the intervention.

To interpret this data correctly, we recommend that you contact an authorized agent LPS France who will be able to take the preventive measures essential to maintaining your protection and preserving your guarantees.

Thanks to the Rout@ir®, you save time and avoid unnecessary expenses while ensuring the efficiency of your installation through more targeted interventions.

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Weight 0,310 kg
Dimensions 300x220x35mm